Don't send your teams home with a laptop, a Jira and Slack account and a prayer!

As a tech company passionately working on ways to create psychologically safe teams whatever their location, we at PeopleNotTech have been considering the role we can play in supporting teams in light of COVID-19. We all have to keep thinking of the work-family aka the team and the ways to redefine work in the digital playing field with an emphasis on EQ and we rapidly have to find ways to turn that into a comfortable and efficient reality for all of us.


If you’re supporting a team with remote working and want to kit them with the right tools to manage this, we are offering:

  1. An extended trial of the Psychological Safety software i.e. we have opened up accounts to your teams for a period of 2 months (longer for essential workers) for free so your people can express how they are feeling (in particular in these anxious times) and so that team leaders can quickly assess their team on topics such as Morale, Resilience, Courage, Flexibility, Learning, Openness, Empathy and more. At the end of the period should you continue to use it we are offering a 50% COVID discount for the rest of 2020 on both our individual team prices and our enterprise licenses - ask us about fee structure, we're a bootstrapping start-up but determined to subsidise the creation of Psychological Safety in teams in our community for as long as we can;

  2. A “Stay Connected” questions pack designed specifically for teams who are transitioning to remote working; 

  3. A free 1-on-1 online EQ crash course for your team leaders to help them support their now remote team confidently.


It is painless to get anyone up on the software - there is no implementation, set-up, extensive training or data needed, teams can be using the work tool within hours. Reach out to us at and tell us more about your working-from-home efforts and readiness in light of COVID-19 and we’ll do our best to help.


We hope everyone finds ways to stay safe, sane and connected during these horrible times.

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