Is this for developers only?

Not at all. The concept of Psychological Safety applies to any type of team and it has in fact originated in the medical field! Whether you are in software development, Operations, HR, Marketing and any other function of the enterprise - in particular leadership!- as long as your work requires you to work with others in a team, Psychological Safety will make or break your probability of success. 

How do you measure Psychological Safety?

Using a variety of proprietary methods we collect declarative and behavioral data then analyze it and outline results depending on the make-up of the team, the characteristics of the individuals and the markers of successful interactions and team dynamic. 

What's the difference between a report and a subscription?

It's just what it says on the box - if you purchase a report that's a one time finite engagement. You will be immediately able to invite the members of your team to start using the webapp and start answering questions and then once there is enough data from their responses you will receive a report about the state of your team when it comes to Psychological Safety. If you purchase a subsription you gain immediate access to your own Leader's Dashboard where, after inviting your team memembers you can see important stats about the way they are engaging with the app and will be able to monitor their progress as time goes by. In addition to this, by combining data from the team's Psychological Safety indicators and your own behaviour in the app, after a while, the AI driven coaching functionality designed to help you hone your Emotional Intelligence skills will kick in and will start training you.

If I purchased a report, do I have to get a subscription separately?

Yes. Same goes for Subscribers who want a one time report. Sorry.

How many questions are there? 

At this time, there are 200+ questions in the Psychological Safety pack. Enterprise Licenses also benefit from a bespoke pack of a minimum of 300 customized questions. Additionally, the PNT core solution for team formation boasts over 1000 questions.

Can I see a list of all the questions?

Is this an HR App?

Will my team be happy to give me these answers?

Will they see the same question multiple times?

Will I be able to customize my own rewards?

How often do you introduce new features, updates, etc? 

Am I getting alerts?

Is there a native mobile app?

Can I customize questions for my own team? 

Are there any questions that my team can answer in free format? 

Are the answers the only type of data that is considered?

What if everyone answers in incognito? 

How do you measure?

How can I do that?

What should I look out for to improve my team?

Is this a survey?

Can I do the same things in a survey?

Is this a personality test?

Is this like the yearly employee reviews? 

How are we doing in terms of GDPR?

Can I get a discount if I get other team leaders to sign up?

Once your team answers, the questions will be listed as they appear. In the Enterprise license there is a view of the questions dashboard as well.

It can be, but we found that our most engaged users are Team Leaders and tech geeks with a passion for their team first and foremost.

We think so, -in fact, from our testing, it seems very clear that people are more than willing to communicate these things, they have simply not been asked before-, but if not the application has an Invisible/Incognito mode they can activate when answering


Yes, in the Enterprise License we either connect to existing rewards systems or customise the ones we offer from our partner Huggg. In the Subscription version this is not yet a feature.

We are disgustingly fast and Agile, so expect a lot of change from one login to another.

Alerts and Instant Feedback are part of the Enterprise License.

Yes, a terrific one that lets the team answer in a Tinder-like mechanism and has a very engaging design. The native app is part of the Enterprise License

No, our questions are carefully calibrated and formulated. With that said, in the Enterprise License, we work with each organization to create a bespoke pack.

Not in the web version but in the mobile app, yes.

Not at all, in fact, in some instances the answers are inconsequential as what is being fed to the algorithm for coaching suggestions is in some cases only reflecting the behaviour of the user.

Then you’ll know a lot at team level and you’ll also know you have a definitive problem with courage

As we said, we use a proprietary method but YOU should measure in results such as Agile KPIs etc

We advise users to pick two or three success markers and make a note of them. In Agile teams these can be things such as Velocity or Time to market, in other types of projects it can be the speed of delivery , the rate of defects, or amount of new innovative ideas, etc. Anything can be an indicator really as long as it’s measurable and intensely important to your success. Once you’ve decided on what you’re observing, compare that to the improvements you see in your team’s Psychological Safety to prove the value of the tool.

If you have purchased a report, this will include a series of hands-on suggestions based on your team’s answers and behaviour. If you purchased a subscription then the Emotional Intelligence Trainer coaching functionality will teach you how to make those suggestions to yourself and the team by enabling you to think under those terms.

No. The only thing it has in common with a survey is the fact that it obviously asks questions.

No. We measure behavioral indicators primarily and answers only secondarily.

Not at all.

No, it focuses on different things, it is engaging and rewarding and as such focused on changing and improving team behaviour and delivering business results.

We’re all good. the legalese disclaimers you saw on this website, as well as the ones gathering the consent of the users, are best practice.

Of course. Contact us and tell us and we’ll even give you a personalized discount code of your own so you can be the undeniable hero! 

Can I integrate any other people data in this? 

Can I download this data to my other analytics tool? 

 Integrations are only on the table in the Enterprise version.

Yes easily but this too is only available in the enterprise version. This here is meant to be between you and your team. With the exception of the report, that’s also likely to be useful with your boss!

Who makes this?

PsychologicalSafety.Works is designed and built by PeopleNotTech a team of specialists who have been studying this topic for years and who are obsessed with allowing the enterprise to realize the promise of technology and new ways of work by obsessing about Knowledge, Courage, and Passion and bettering teams. Read more about us in the Contact page and come meet our awesome People!

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