DIY "Stay Connected"​ Questions

In yesterday’s article, we spoke about our journey to create the Stay Connected pack which we feel is crucial at a time like this. It is part of our standard COVID-19 offer so take a look at that and get in touch. If not, at the very minimum, you should try and recreate it relentlessly with every opportunity. Create a list of topics and questions to ask each of your team members. 

Be open and incessantly curious about:

  • How do they actually feel?

  • How flexible and resilient they are?

  • What their willingness to speak up is?

  • What their courage reserves look like?

  • How are they on morale pre-COVID and now in-crisis? Can you acknowledge their true state of mind then tap into their reserves of optimism?

  • What is their home situation like? Young kids? School-age? Vulnerable elderly relatives?

  • How do they feel about the future of the company and of the project work?

  • How connected and emotionally intelligent are they to their other teammates?

  • What do they do to persevere their sanity?

  • What are their families like?

  • Are they overworking?

  • How are they taking to remote and digital?

  • What could you truly do to help?

Finding the right words for each of those and the time to ask them of each team member can be exhausting, which is why we would rather if you used our solution for this, but you can still do it in the absence of any supporting software if you become organised about the task. And it is no trivial ask or easy by any stretch of the imagination, but as we say over and again - it is now the day job for any team lead. Establishing a people practice is every bit as urgent as establishing a remote way of work and should come right after ensuring physical safety and before any other process planning or BAU. 

While we meet more amazing companies and superhero team leaders that acutely understand the above and want to urgently build this emotionally intelligent people practice to preserve and drive Psychological Safety, we are also becoming increasingly concerned with those who put it off hoping it won’t be necessary. Don't allow yourself to fall into that complacency trap and don't make the risky bet that any business can compete and thrive in the absence of a people practice after this world-of-work changing event.

Stay sane, stay safe and stay Psychologically Safe to stay productive.

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