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We don’t normally discuss things at an organisational or cultural level as we’re instead, big believers in actionable change and that can only happen at team dynamic level, but we see a lot of companies that are -mercifully- discussing not only the need for Psychological Safety but also the topics of “resilience” and “engagement” these days. This is obviously welcomed and necessary, but we argue it isn’t enough and if it is done without a view of attacking some of the other systemic “human debt” we are missing a serious opportunity.

In this video we outline examples of some remaining big themes that need urgent attention for the first two to be seriously explored and for the explorers to remain competitive and performant across this coming period:

  • Office Politics - a toxic environment in a group or organization where clique-behaviour, lack of collaboration and eventual resulting discrimination of all sorts breeds. This isn’t a physical manifestation and will not magically disappear simply because we are working from home or in a hybrid model;

  • Lack of Purpose - Having a stated and upheld common goal at a team and company level is crucially important in particular at times like these. In our other episodes, we keep returning to team relaunches and one of their major purposes is the necessary periodic affirming and reaffirming of “why”. When it -insidiously- disappears, we see sharp drops in performance over time;

  • Insufficient Trust - Remote work brings into focus the gaps in trust that we harbour towards our employees. In the absence of the physical act of presence, and before we execute on a serious effort of redefining outcomes-based-work, we are left in a land where employees work to burnout level and managers aren’t even sure they do. An intentional investment in trust and a recognition that professionals are adults who want to do a good job are necessary parts of the reframe;

  • Open and Human Communication - Team leaders showing appreciation for extra hard work, team members being empathic and open, leaders asking open-hearted questions and leading an exploration of every topic - all of these signs of health and longevity should be intentionally and urgently brought into our work;

  • Lack of Leadership Teams - in the absence of a real team at the top where leaders truly build together and rely on each other how are we to hope they are Psychologically Safe enough to be honest and innovative? And if they aren’t Psychologically Safe at the top is it any wonder they value it less down the line and that it affects the entire enterprise’s ability to succeed?

  • No Big Reframe - Overall, the biggest issue is shying away from exploring huge themes to do with measuring, redefining and rewarding work once it has been re-defined outside of the convention, and that disallows companies from arriving at new, agile, un-human-debted and resilient new ways of being. 

Counterintuitive as it seems for some, this is the time to dig deep and take the opportunity to crack open some of these heavy themes, then try and work on them now, while we regroup, while we reframe, while we rebuild. 


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