Tips For Psychological Safety DIY

Let me start by taking my own advice of yesterday in as far as remembering the commonality of what is that we are all facing and staying human and open, and therefore, admit we haven’t had the chance to make a new video for today. There will be one next week hopefully because there are loads of topics we need to talk to you about that we are learning from remote teams all over the world right now, but the announcement above (which will run for as long as the crisis lasts) has meant that everyone at PeopleNotTech was working incessantly to get new teams kitted with our work tool solution so they are prepared for this huge leap to digital/online/distributed/remote work.

If you’re still reaching out to us we’re getting to you as fast as we can and we will get your team leaders in shape and your teams kitted with Psychological Safety Works as soon as humanly possible. Spending time on this is spending time on what matters. 

If you’re not because you’re waiting for leadership to do it, don’t, we’ve already helped many team leaders who were doing it for their team only not the entire enterprise if they weren’t woke enough to do know they need a people tool. Our work tool doesn’t need hooking into any of the organisation’s systems. 

For everyone else who can’t reach out for whatever reason and works in a remote team - you’ll have to do this manually yourself, ask your team incessant questions, obsess about honesty and openness, about courage and learning, keep checking on their morale and how engaged they are, keep your eye on their flexibility and resilience reserves and meanwhile please forget the daily job and focus on recognising the emotions of others and those you experience yourself as your main job for now while reaching out to ask for help from the community, coaches or mentors. 

As a resource - did you know that Chasing Psychological Safety has a dedicated playlist about Psychological Safety Works on our YouTube channel?

It tackles these topics:

I hope either of these will help if you're trying to do the best for your team on your own. We’re in such different steps of the journey towards this new work paradigm, there’s so much scrambling and reaching, -almost the same type of panic as in the supermarkets but in gathering items off a desk and evacuating-, that everyone is searching for anchors. Anything to make us feel like it will surely be ok. Having a functional team that works well together and enjoys the time they spend online in an innovative, creative, open and honest space is not the cure to this horrible crisis but it will make life a bit better. 

Stay connected, stay open, stay vulnerable and flexible, speak up and stay in and stay safe.


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