Tips To Dismantle The Productivity Ticking Time Bomb

Following yesterday’s article about what keeps us up at night here’s the video we promised. 

The topic: what can we do to defuse the Psychological Safety dip and Productivity drop ticking time bomb that will reflect in incredibly bad business results soon? If we agree it’s worrying that many teams experience a drop in psychological safety due to the current crisis, what is it that team leaders and team members alike can do to prevent this from happening?

Here are some tips:

  • Acknowledge it is a serious issue and that making the team’s Psychological Safety priority is paramount lest we shall see negative results on productivity and overall performance;

  • Focus on what your “People Practice” entails - whom should you speak to, how often and to what depth? What should you focus on? What should you keep a “manual eye on” in the absence of software like ours;

  • Obsess about Impression Management. When you observe the behaviour in yourself or others where someone stops themselves from speaking up for fear of appearing incompetent, ignorant, intrusive or negative make a mental note and discuss it. For the time being don’t worry about the “negative” part as we are all entitled to be reluctant to voice thoughts and fears we feel would bring others down in this extraordinary circumstances, but instead, spend time on “fear of appearing intrusive” and stop behaviours where anyone is afraid of asking personal questions or prying as that’s quintessentially necessary;

  • Make “space” for human moments. Both in team contexts by implementing Google’s “conversational turn-taking” and individually with each team member;

  • Adopt all the ideas you see in webinars and various articles about check-ins or taking turns in video meetings but never do so “by numbers” and without truly questioning the intent and delivery to keep yourself intensely human;

  • Double down on your EQ! Remain obstinately empathic and authentic with the people in your team to “stay (truly) connected” 

There is much you can do to either avoid pitfalls or enhance your EQ and focus on your people practice and frankly, there is little else you could do for your team (or really, for your enterprise) that would make a bigger difference so it will absolutely pay dividends to take this opportunity and put in the effort.

“Leaders must either invest a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and feelings or squander an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective and unproductive behaviour.” - Brené Brown

Stay sane, stay safe and stay productive.

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