The Psychological Safety Spot Check allows you to start measuring the wellbeing of your team right away. Once you’ve signed up you’ll be taken to a link where you need to enter the email addresses of the employees that are part of your team. The system will shoot them an invite and they will enter a workspace not dissimilar to the one where you played with the demo questions where their real questions reside.


Once we have enough data from employees - i.e. when everyone has filled in at least 50% of all questions (don’t worry, we’ll help you nudge them if not!) we analyse key topics such as their degree of transparency, their likely level of resilience, their appetite for learning and risk, their overall morale and level of motivation and above all how open they are with one another and how safe they feel in doing so. We then wrap this up and send it to you in a report. The report will contain raw data and interpretation as well and it will give you an accurate picture of this moment in time in terms of the health of the team. The report which will be emailed to you in a PDF form and generally consists of 3-5 pages, and it will also contain some practical advice and suggestions on how to improve the situation if necessary.


Whether you want to know and better for the good of the team, or because you need to make a point to leadership, the Psychological Safety Spot Check Report is what you need.



  • Hundreds of carefully calibrated questions (min 50% answer rate needed for assessment) to garner unprecedented insights;

  • Rewards to keep engagement high;

  • A comprehensive report containing: assessment results and data analysis as well as suggestions for growth

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