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The Psychological Safety Team Health Subscription allows team leaders to not only see a snapshot of the team’s situation but to monitor key areas such as their degree of transparency, their likely level of resilience, their appetite for learning and risk, their overall morale and level of motivation and above all how open they are with one another and how safe they feel in doing so, on an ongoing basis. 


Once you’ve signed up you’ll be taken to a link where you need to enter the email addresses of the employees that are part of your team. The system will shoot them an invite and they will enter a workspace not dissimilar to the one where you played with the demo questions where their real questions reside. 


They will answer a certain proportion of the 200 questions on a monthly basis (the interval can be customized and adapted to your particular business and project rhythm in the Enterprise License) and will receive rewards for doing so while enjoying fun additions such as splash screens with “Demotivational” quotes.


The questions center around 6 indicators of team health and Psychological Safety: Flexibility; Morale/Engagement; Curiosity/Learning; Openness/Transparency; Courage/Risk Appetite and Resilience. Some of the questions allow the leader to see when too much Impression Management is taking place (people are behaving in a fashion they perceive safe for their status in lieu of the healthy team dynamics) and alert on the dashboard so they can investigate.


On the other side of this, as a Team Leader, you will have access to two things - a Dashboard and the Emotional Intelligence Trainer. 


The dashboard will show you each team member’s level of engagement - the number of questions they answered, how many of those were incognito, how many were skipped, etc as well as raw data on the type of answers they gave. Depending on the indicators, the team leader will be given a monthly challenge to improve one of the indicators and raise their own score on Leadership; Empathy and Positivity.


In the Emotional Trainer side, depending on the data collected from the answers and behavior of the employees, PeopleNotTech’s AI-based-coaching mechanism will ask leading questions to stimulate and increase your Emotional Intelligence and help develop you as a leader not only in the context of this team or project but as a valuable life-skill.


  • 200 carefully calibrated questions;

  • Rewards to keep engagement high;

  • Team Leader Dashboard;

  • Fun and engaging features such as demotivational quotes and memes;

  • Personal KPIs Workspace to state your measured outcomes (i.e. what are you hoping to see from having a more Psychologically Safe, secure team? Increased velocity in Agile? Selling more? Creating more?”); 

  • Monthly challenges to improve the indicators;

  • Alerts when questions are being answered in a way that suggests Psychological Safety is at risk;

  • Emotional Intelligence Trainer for Team Leaders

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