Psychological Safety, coined by academics and popularised by extensive Google research, is the cornerstone to team productivity. If you want your business to succeed, your team has to feel safe, to be open and vulnerable with each other. This has to start at the top, and be made to count.


Teams that fear speaking up won’t put forward groundbreaking ideas, won’t challenge inertia and won’t raise critical failures early.


PeopleNotTech bring you a workshop series designed to transform your executive and senior management team performance through six concepts at the heart of Psychological Safety - Flexibility, Engagement, Curiosity, Openness, Courage and Resilience

The three Psychological Safety at the Top options offered can be used stand-alone or merged for organisation wide impact:


The “PS @ The Top” Executive Workshop


This two-day exercise (only 1  day full time commitment!) is for Board and Executive level teams who need to reprogramme openness and human engagement back into the team so they truly outperform 

Day One ‘Strip it Back’ - interrogate 1:1 the culture of the management team  

Day Two ‘Rebuild and Transform’ - reignite and reconnect the team where it’s needed most for success through best practice research and a collection of exercises and games designed to minimize Impression Management, enhance empathy, reignite purpose, tighten the bonds and tap into the leaders’ strong human, collaborative resources


One Day “Transformation Through Knowledge”


This one day workshop is aimed at senior level management teams from HR, Ops or IT who already understand the concept of Psychological Safety but need help to articulate its value to the wider business, integrate it into the P&L, build a business case around People and Productivity and generally need help implementing it at scale to see transformative concepts. Everything from what to read (at a minimum Prof. Dr Amy Edmondson’s “Teaming” and the” Fearless Organization”) to what anecdotes to keep repeating to the stakeholders, what to consider and measure and what to watch out for productivity and innovation wise, how to communicate it to the business, how to integrate in KPIs and OKRs, how to demonstrate ROI,  what technology to implement to help, etc


“Courage, Passion and Productivity At Scale” Bespoke Transformation Programme 


The bespoke programme forensically analyses and targets the existing barriers to a psychologically safe environment in your teams. This programme challenges develops and nurtures your teams to build trust, strong relationships and show people how to leverage strengths and differences for high flying performance

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